At Ignite Respect our goal is to harness the power of language in all its subtleties and joys, allowing children to unleash their potential through the ability to comprehend and use the language of social and emotional learning (SEL). We are an educational company and a benefit corporation that creates products and materials to spread respect and awareness on a local, national, and global level. We believe in the power of self-driven and self-sustaining learning. We believe in the power of shared understanding, created using existing funds of knowledge to build new knowledge. We believe in the power every individual has to be the spark that ignites respect.

Through direct vocabulary instruction and engaging songs and stories, we reframe language from a divider into a universal connector. We know that the best, most genuine learning experiences are both joyous and rigorous, and that these experiences stem from an authentic need established in partnership by the learner and educator. We recognize that everyone is a stakeholder in children’s education and has unique collected knowledge and viewpoints that impact learning in a bona fide and powerful way. We hold that schools, organizations, and homes should have permeable membranes that include everyone from service personnel, to parents, to teachers, and administrators. We seek to break down walls and allow knowledge to cross freely while maintaining the necessary structures and organization required of best learning practices.

We believe that language matters. That it is the bedrock upon which all social and emotional behavior sits. That it has the power to shift lives. Words and how we use them, understand them, share them in gesture or voice, and think about them are the wellsprings of much of what makes us human. Language can bring us together or push us apart. Language is alive and our best tool to make lives better. At Ignite Respect we are committed to a positive-growth, strengths-based approach that will open new worlds for all children.